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Nowadays we talk about IoT – a lot. For good reason! We @Kontron think that IoT is transforming for many industries and will greatly impact all levels of our daily life. But what is our detailed approach to IoT? And what makes us think, that we can be one of the IoT-pioneers? Good questions. Let’s have a look at our expertise, visions and projects.

Our Embedded Systems go IoT


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The Internet of Things is a group of physical objects with embedded sensory technology that communicates an internal state or external environments to a network. So our attraction to the IoT is clear: When you look at the verticals we serve, as well as our product portfolio along with engineering capabilities IoT is a natural fit! And so are our clients who are exploring or adopting IoT solutions with specific vertical drivers for those projects. Our product offerings range from boards and systems to platform solutions and services which securely connect devices, meet SWaP-requirements, provide faster TTRs by helping to reduce their R&D-costs and create new business models. Our vision for the next evolution of technology: Everything interconnected, sensing and understanding the environment, exchanging data and seamlessly sharing information. IoT promises to connect billions of intelligent devices and people together in exciting new applications. Some estimates, including the simplest passive RFID tags and other sensors, point to as many as one trillion IoT-connected devices by 2025. What an outlook!

Ever tried our IoT Gateway?

IoT innovation is fast and so must be the development cycle of IoT solutions. Our IoT “play” Gateway has been designed for developers who need a simple development platform for quick solutions. With the pre-installed operating systems, clients don’t need to search for drivers: The device is ready to go and can be used for developing numerous applications (register for free gateway here ). Projects include in-flight infotainment, remote asset optimization and precision farming, where soil sensors collect and report data to optimize growing conditions. This system will load a fertilization map to agriculture vehicles which are controlled by autopilot, and then do the required jobs based on the collected data. Clients have also created applications for greenhouses where sensors measure the humidity and moisture to automatically optimize the amount of fertilizer.

Our IoT Vision: The Internet of Things = The Internet of Customers

Long story short: We believe that the future of the IoT needs to be focused on enabling companies to better interact with their customers, their colleagues and suppliers and even their technology to become the Internet of Customers. For this, we also work with Salesforce.com to directly integrate asset information into cloud-based service solutions. One of the most interesting cloud-based applications in the medical sector is to control humidity and count flies to reduce diseases. For the latter, they determined the mosquito wing beat frequency by intelligent image processing to identify the mosquito species. I’m sure that’s just the beginning of a long story. The only limit to the potential of applications will be our creativity!

We will stay at the Cutting Edge of Embedded Systems

Currently the market is fragmented and characterized by incompatible systems and stovepiped solutions. IoT concepts like predictive maintenance, big data, and analytics require a holistic approach, but there is a lack of cooperation between hardware and software suppliers, service providers, and communication infrastructure vendors. We strongly believe in partnerships like Industry 4.0 and IIC and I can guarantee that we will continue to push for collaboration and are grateful for the small measure of cooperation we already have with professional partners. As you can see, we know the challenges of embedded systems including connectivity, mobility, security and certification processes. No question that we will continue pursuing IoT and offering a continuous innovation flow always able to stay at the cutting edge of embedded systems.

What about you? Do you have a vision of the IoT?

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    • We do have a use case, in fact. What you are referring to is predictable maintenance, which is a benefit and a typical vertical addressed in Kontron’s IoT solution.

      Take for instance the scenario of elevator management. Your challenge is maintaining transportation within One World Trade Center, a 102 story building with a height of 1776 feet that carries 3.5M people a year. The elevator travels at 23 miles an hour and it takes 60 secs to get to the top without stopping.
      There are 27 of these elevators in the building, which means 1 Million door cycles per elevator per year. If even 1 elevator breaks down, that equals a lot of mechanical components, time and expense for troubleshooting and repair, and angry customers. With a Kontron purpose-built IoT solution that enables the sharing of health statistics to and from the elevators, the costs savings is undeniable. Our solution is focused on providing information that enables the servicing of elevators before they break-down. The total savings for maintenance is between 25-30%, with breakdown reductions around 73%, downtime reduced by 40%, and a total yield of around 20%. This all equates to an ROI of up to a factor of 10! Benefits naturally include increased availability, the ability to take preemptive corrective actions, a decrease in the cost of goods and labor, higher quality and environmental safety, and finally, customer satisfaction and value. I am sure that not many people would be happy if a mechanical failure forced them to ride shoulder to shoulder, or take the stairs, even if it was only 1000 feet up.

      Such applications can also be applied to different verticals. We have a another case whereby we are able to act as first-responders in a manufacturing failure scenario by using SalesForce.com: http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/program/embedded/internet-of-things/blueprints/iot-automating-field-service-kontron-blueprint.pdf?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRokvK7BZKXonjHpfsX67egtUK%2BylMI%2F0ER3fOvrPUfGjI4FTMJjI%2BSLDwEYGJlv6SgFTLDMMal51LgFUhg%3D
      This set it and forget it solution is interesting in manufacturing because it does not require the replacement of older machines. Instead it works with the machines that already exist, helps keep them fit and provides guidance to the field service engineer when needed.

  1. Thank you very muct for your reply and information,
    Next how do I take which steps to reach my target with preventing unplanned downtime for manufacturing critical equipment.

    • Hi Chieh-Min Lee,
      thank you very much for your interest. Our team is more than happy to get in touch with you via sales@kontron.com to discuss your request in more detail.
      Best regards,
      Your Kontron Blog Team

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