What’s the next big thing in Embedded Computing?

It is not surprising that embedded computing technologies typically lag the latest trends in the broader retail computing space, primarily due to some unique requirements such as longevity, security and reliability. Eventually, many of the new technologies do end up in the embedded space. So, what are these new technology trends that will impact us?  I see technology trends like wearable computing, cloud computing, mobile internet and the Internet of Things (IoT) already gaining some momentum in the retail space as awareness increases all around us. Whether we know it or not, most of us are already users of IoT as many of our homes have connected ‘smart’ meters. I can easily monitor my home electricity usage as well as the solar panel electric generation on my smart phone at any time. Many people are already using the home security monitoring systems controlled by their smart phones as well as home temperature controls using smart systems like the Nest learning thermostats. As awareness of the benefits and quality of life improvement increases, so will the adoption of these systems in the broader marketplace.

So, what do all these systems have in common? What is the next big focus in the embedded computing space? To me, the common thread underlying these trends are software and services which enable these smarter systems and solutions. I believe that companies with strong software and services offerings along with integrated hardware systems will be at an advantage by being able to quickly adapt to these trends and providing solutions to their customers, either by themselves or with their ecosystem partners. What do you think will be the next big thing? I would love to hear your thoughts on these exciting times!

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  1. Our business offers embedded memory solutions and have been doing so for 10 years – we see security services and software as the next step in the IOT space. Antivirus and Firewall applications will certainly become important the more our homes become connected.

    • Thanks, Tim. I agree with you that security will be a very important aspect of IoT systems in the future. In fact, it could become a differentiator as we saw in the adoption of WhatsApp with their promise of not storing messages or showing ads (which may now change with Facebook acquisition)! I also believe that security will become a basic underlying capability for IoT solutions, but the level of security provided will vary from one solution to the other.

  2. The killer app of the not-too-distant future may will be managed grids of self-driving cars. A few auto makers are rumored to be rolling out self-driving cars in 2015. It seems likely that trend will continue. However, the real advantage to traveling sans manual control will probably be in just a few more years, when major metropolitan areas implement remote traffic management through self-driving cars. A self-driving car sounded like complete science fiction just ten years ago. That technology is real today. Remote management of tens of thousands of vehicles, in concert, to produce the fastest and safest performance in urban traffic may sound like science fiction now. + Zane G.

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